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fun ways to have a hens party


A hens party is that fun event held for the bride to be and only her female friends attend. There are different terms used to refer to the hen’s party in different countries.

In Australia and New Zealand, it is referred to as a Hens Night or Hens Party while in Canada and United States it’s usually referred to as a bachelorette party. The bachelorette party is traditionally held after the bachelor’s party that is of course for the groom. But these days, they are often held on the same weekend and sometimes even meet up during their separate parties for awhile.

The Hens party is generally organized by the Maid Of Honor and possibly some of the other bridesmaids. If your Maid of Honor is overseas or interstate, the role of organizer may fall completely on to one of the other bridesmaids.

Now, of course, you want to have fun when planning the Brides upcoming hens party?

Here is the thing, we got ideas on the best way to have fun during that day and it’s you to make it great.

If you are the nominated organizer are factors that you need to consider in order to make it the best party possible.

These factors are:

Know what the bride enjoys and prepare the event sooner rather than later, so you have options of venues etc..

Does she want a big bash or just an intimate one? If she loves a big gathering, Invite all her female friends and follow up to ensure they will attend. If it’s going to be more intimate, generally its just her besties she wants there, so it should be easier to ensure they attend.

And finally ensure you are prepared so you can all have fun on the day, it is so easy to get stressed when you have the responsibility to organize this event… so the more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

With everything planned in advance, you really should be able to relax and have everything go as expected. It will be a big day for all in attendance and I can guarantee there will be some things that go a little pear shaped. So take my advice and get organized and you will thank me later.

With the stats showing woman are getting married later in life, the idea of a Hens Night or Party is changing dramatically. The idea of a pub crawl with the bride to be wearing a sash saying “I’m the Bride” (with a male stripper thrown in for good measure) isn’t the most popular idea anymore. Women want classier, more memorable Bachelorette parties.

Slumber Party time.

One idea is a simple sleep over at the bride’s house or in one of the girlfriends’ houses.

This resembles the old fashioned slumber parties of our teenage years, with an adult twist. Hanging out like this as a group is fun and inevitably you’ve got that one crazy friend that livens everything and everyone up!.

There can be a fun food to eat and of course nice drinks.To add more fun there are games that you can play such as truth and dare and twister. Act silly and enjoy the night because it’s all about bringing all your female friends together and enjoying this time together before getting married.

Cocktail Party time.

Cocktail making can be fun especially for a bachelorette party. Especially the bride and her friends learn how to make the cocktails… There are some really great services like Magic Hens

They provide packages and cocktail making services so you get to learn to make your own cocktails with the help of a bar tender and have a hoot in the process!

You can do this at home or if the bride to still live at home it could be fun to book an apartment for the weekend to make it more memorable. These catered parties have all different price packages but some start as low as $90 per head. Of course, it is quite appropriate to expect your guests to pay for themselves, so no one ends up with a huge bill for the party.

Hens Party

Adrenaline time.

Depending on the Brides interests, you can engage yourselves in outdoor activities such as a mountain climbing, bike riding, beach activities such as snorkeling, tobogganing, or something as fun as a paint ball session. One little word of warning about Paint Ball sessions, make sure you allow time for any bruises to heal! It is an incredibly fun thing to do, but can be pretty brutal if you are on the losing team!

Adrenaline themed Hens Parties are some of the best ideas if the bride to be loves adventure.

You can get professional services like My Ultimate Hens all over Australia who allow you to pick your event depending on where you live and what level of “crazy” you are after.

Hens Party for the Adrenaline Junkie.

High Tea time.

A High tea Hens Party can be a very sophisticated event. It normally takes place in the afternoon and can possibly be the main event or the warm up. It generally includes champagne as an option but you don’t have to include this. It is fun to play some table games at this event, but keep in mind the feature of this idea is the food. Delightful, elegant samplings of fine cakes, petite sandwiches, and other nibbles. If the bride to be is into elegant, this could be your Hens Party idea.

Pamper time.

Pamper sessions can also make the best hens party. This is a day to relax with your friends and chat and laugh as you are rubbed, scrubbed and massaged. You can sip your cocktail or champagne as you receive the selected services. After all the busy days you had preparing for the wedding day you can all give yourselves time and relax as you wait for the big day. You can do the pampering from home as some companies can come over to your place or even go to a spa and have fun as you relax. As you can imagine this is a very popular choice of hens party, either as the main event or as part of a weekend of indulgence.

Hens Party spa day

Karaoke time.

If the bride to be loves singing, you can take the option for a Karaoke Bachelorette party You can book a private room at a karaoke bar or just join in with the main bar and really let your hair down, it all depends how extraverted the Bride to be is! A word of warning, if shes a quiet sort of person who doesn’t like to sing, she wont appreciate a Hens Party like this as a surprise! But if she loves to get out there and sing and dance with the best (or worst) of them you are on a winner with this idea. Once again there are professional planners that can even bring this experience to your home.

Potluck time

Pot luck dinner is fun and simple idea for a hens party. Just ask all the girlfriends to bring something for dinner and have a great big shared buffet dinner.

It is a fun informal way to share time together, especially if the Bride is a home-bod and loves cooking and sharing a meal with friends.

You can decide on the type of food/theme you want to share and create the appropriate atmosphere, a big table outside to create a French country feel or inside with an open fire if its a winter weekend. Let your friends know what sort of food to bring. Your guests will all have different talents and some might even bring dessert!

This is a great idea for the budget conscious as it cuts the costs for everyone involved and the amount of time needed for preparation.

Above all this is a day to have fun, gossip, play, relax and celebrate with the Bride to be. The bride needs to enjoy her time with her girlfriends and do all the silly things they did together before getting married. You can choose one of our ideas or create your own, just make it fun, relaxed and as stress-free as possible. If you prepare well for that day, the fun and magic memories will be there. I hope you got the idea you were looking for your hen’s party, We’d love to hear if you have any other ideas in the comments.






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