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Why Should I sell my wedding Dress

inspiration, planning, tips February 27, 2017

Why Should I sell my wedding dress

Why should I sell My Wedding Dress?

It such a big question isn’t it, “why should I sell my Wedding Dress after my Wedding?” It’s also a personal question as well as a practical one.

It brings up mixed emotions, sometimes sadness and of course all the practical reasons. Not all of these experiences match. Do you feel conflicted when you think about selling your Wedding Dress? If you are like 99% of Brides, I bet you do.

So let’s look at some of those emotions and see if we can make sense of this topic, we know it can be a little touchy!

So before the wedding, did you have the conversation with your partner: “I know it’s $5000 ($15,000) but I will sell it afterward and get back a lot of the money” Yep, we’ve heard it many times from Brides who have taken the step to sell their dress.

But that was your practical, logical, voice speaking (and the one that really, really wanted that stunning gown!). Now you’ve worn that dress, you’ve felt the flow of that beautiful fabric; you’ve felt the train behind you as you walked down the aisle.  And most importantly, you saw his face as he looked at you! Wow, could he be any more in love with you than he was at that moment!

For some Brides, it’s a simple as, “Ok, the Wedding day is over, now I’m getting this puppy dry cleaned and it’s out of here to the next Bride.” But for others, it’s a lot more complex than that. I bet some of you are even finding yourselves thinking about your future daughter wearing your Wedding Dress.

Maybe this video will help you let go of that idea!

Fashions change far faster these days.

Did you know that fashion stores now cater up to 52 seasons on their racks, not the 4 that used to cater to the climate! We are demanding new styles so fast and this is even more apparent in the shops that cater to younger clients.

Way back when, Wedding Dresses were saved and passed down to daughters for many reasons, but one of them was the lack of resources and the expense of having a Wedding Dress made. These days, yes I know, Wedding Dresses are still expensive, but the fabrics and dressmaking services are so much more available. We are used to having choices and we expect it. Hey, what if that daughter you are imagining isn’t even the same size or height you are?

How about the Greenie approach?

Let put on our Greenie Hat for a minute. When you ponder the question “Why should I sell my Wedding Dress?” Try this very environmentally aware reason… Did you know one of the biggest items in landfill now is clothing? Second-hand shops are losing business because clothing is so cheap to produce, (yeah I hear you saying, “shame that doesn’t apply to wedding dresses!”) But it really is a problem and you can do your bit by selling that stunning dress and giving it another chance in the limelight. Imagine if that dress actually got used and sold several times. That’s a huge contribution to protecting our environment!

Now the fun one! Money back in your Pocket!

Hey, girl, you’ve got the photos, you’ve got the video. Goodness knows,  you paid a bucket load for them. You really don’t need your dress to remember the amazing day you both had. So why have that dress clutter up your wardrobe or spare cupboard space. Image if you only got 50% back, which is the average. That’s much more than pocket change. We’ve already discussed the cost of Wedding Dresses these days. That’s a new lounge, a new TV or (dare I say it) a nursery set up. It can even go towards a deposit for a house.

If this doesn’t inspire you, start looking in holiday brochures, create a Pinterest board for all the things you could do with that money, think about the shoes, handbags even little gifts for him. But hopefully, with the cash, you will do something amazing that will add long term benefits to your new life together.

how to spend the money from selling my wedding dress

I’m a minimalist that’s why I will Sell My Wedding Dress.

This is a growing trend and a really good one in my opinion. That means less clutter, less consumerism and less need for things. If this is your approach when you consider that looming question… Sell my Wedding Dress… or not? Then consider the clutter.

– How many times are you likely to move in your life?

– How much do you want to take with you?

– Do you really need that extra hassle?

You do know, even with the best preserving strategies, it is still likely to yellow, deteriorate and then what? There’s no point waiting 10 years until you are finally ready to sell. It will be so outdated by then, Vintage isn’t always the best idea! Even if you stay put and don’t move many times, you are still going to be taking up space with that rather large box.

If you list it shortly after your Wedding, it is still current season and likely to fetch more money. If you know you want to sell one day, make it today if you really want to maximize the return on your investment.

So hopefully one of these reasons will make it easier for you to consider selling your dress. I know you wouldn’t even be reading this page if you weren’t considering it. Make it easy on yourself and enjoy the process of moving your dress on. Someone else is going to love it the same way you did!

If you would like to find out a fun and easy way to list and sell your Wedding Dress, check out our simple, fun way.

selling my wedding dress- shoes




Hens Party

inspiration, planning, tips February 9, 2017

fun ways to have a hens party


A hens party is that fun event held for the bride to be and only her female friends attend. There are different terms used to refer to the hen’s party in different countries.

In Australia and New Zealand, it is referred to as a Hens Night or Hens Party while in Canada and United States it’s usually referred to as a bachelorette party. The bachelorette party is traditionally held after the bachelor’s party that is of course for the groom. But these days, they are often held on the same weekend and sometimes even meet up during their separate parties for awhile.

The Hens party is generally organized by the Maid Of Honor and possibly some of the other bridesmaids. If your Maid of Honor is overseas or interstate, the role of organizer may fall completely on to one of the other bridesmaids.

Now, of course, you want to have fun when planning the Brides upcoming hens party?

Here is the thing, we got ideas on the best way to have fun during that day and it’s you to make it great.

If you are the nominated organizer are factors that you need to consider in order to make it the best party possible.

These factors are:

Know what the bride enjoys and prepare the event sooner rather than later, so you have options of venues etc..

Does she want a big bash or just an intimate one? If she loves a big gathering, Invite all her female friends and follow up to ensure they will attend. If it’s going to be more intimate, generally its just her besties she wants there, so it should be easier to ensure they attend.

And finally ensure you are prepared so you can all have fun on the day, it is so easy to get stressed when you have the responsibility to organize this event… so the more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

With everything planned in advance, you really should be able to relax and have everything go as expected. It will be a big day for all in attendance and I can guarantee there will be some things that go a little pear shaped. So take my advice and get organized and you will thank me later.

With the stats showing woman are getting married later in life, the idea of a Hens Night or Party is changing dramatically. The idea of a pub crawl with the bride to be wearing a sash saying “I’m the Bride” (with a male stripper thrown in for good measure) isn’t the most popular idea anymore. Women want classier, more memorable Bachelorette parties.

Slumber Party time.

One idea is a simple sleep over at the bride’s house or in one of the girlfriends’ houses.

This resembles the old fashioned slumber parties of our teenage years, with an adult twist. Hanging out like this as a group is fun and inevitably you’ve got that one crazy friend that livens everything and everyone up!.

There can be a fun food to eat and of course nice drinks.To add more fun there are games that you can play such as truth and dare and twister. Act silly and enjoy the night because it’s all about bringing all your female friends together and enjoying this time together before getting married.

Cocktail Party time.

Cocktail making can be fun especially for a bachelorette party. Especially the bride and her friends learn how to make the cocktails… There are some really great services like Magic Hens

They provide packages and cocktail making services so you get to learn to make your own cocktails with the help of a bar tender and have a hoot in the process!

You can do this at home or if the bride to still live at home it could be fun to book an apartment for the weekend to make it more memorable. These catered parties have all different price packages but some start as low as $90 per head. Of course, it is quite appropriate to expect your guests to pay for themselves, so no one ends up with a huge bill for the party.

Hens Party

Adrenaline time.

Depending on the Brides interests, you can engage yourselves in outdoor activities such as a mountain climbing, bike riding, beach activities such as snorkeling, tobogganing, or something as fun as a paint ball session. One little word of warning about Paint Ball sessions, make sure you allow time for any bruises to heal! It is an incredibly fun thing to do, but can be pretty brutal if you are on the losing team!

Adrenaline themed Hens Parties are some of the best ideas if the bride to be loves adventure.

You can get professional services like My Ultimate Hens all over Australia who allow you to pick your event depending on where you live and what level of “crazy” you are after.

Hens Party for the Adrenaline Junkie.

High Tea time.

A High tea Hens Party can be a very sophisticated event. It normally takes place in the afternoon and can possibly be the main event or the warm up. It generally includes champagne as an option but you don’t have to include this. It is fun to play some table games at this event, but keep in mind the feature of this idea is the food. Delightful, elegant samplings of fine cakes, petite sandwiches, and other nibbles. If the bride to be is into elegant, this could be your Hens Party idea.

Pamper time.

Pamper sessions can also make the best hens party. This is a day to relax with your friends and chat and laugh as you are rubbed, scrubbed and massaged. You can sip your cocktail or champagne as you receive the selected services. After all the busy days you had preparing for the wedding day you can all give yourselves time and relax as you wait for the big day. You can do the pampering from home as some companies can come over to your place or even go to a spa and have fun as you relax. As you can imagine this is a very popular choice of hens party, either as the main event or as part of a weekend of indulgence.

Hens Party spa day

Karaoke time.

If the bride to be loves singing, you can take the option for a Karaoke Bachelorette party You can book a private room at a karaoke bar or just join in with the main bar and really let your hair down, it all depends how extraverted the Bride to be is! A word of warning, if shes a quiet sort of person who doesn’t like to sing, she wont appreciate a Hens Party like this as a surprise! But if she loves to get out there and sing and dance with the best (or worst) of them you are on a winner with this idea. Once again there are professional planners that can even bring this experience to your home.

Potluck time

Pot luck dinner is fun and simple idea for a hens party. Just ask all the girlfriends to bring something for dinner and have a great big shared buffet dinner.

It is a fun informal way to share time together, especially if the Bride is a home-bod and loves cooking and sharing a meal with friends.

You can decide on the type of food/theme you want to share and create the appropriate atmosphere, a big table outside to create a French country feel or inside with an open fire if its a winter weekend. Let your friends know what sort of food to bring. Your guests will all have different talents and some might even bring dessert!

This is a great idea for the budget conscious as it cuts the costs for everyone involved and the amount of time needed for preparation.

Above all this is a day to have fun, gossip, play, relax and celebrate with the Bride to be. The bride needs to enjoy her time with her girlfriends and do all the silly things they did together before getting married. You can choose one of our ideas or create your own, just make it fun, relaxed and as stress-free as possible. If you prepare well for that day, the fun and magic memories will be there. I hope you got the idea you were looking for your hen’s party, We’d love to hear if you have any other ideas in the comments.






Wedding Venues Australia

inspiration, planning February 7, 2017

Top wedding venues in australia

The Top Australian Wedding Venues

Choosing from so many different wedding venues can be a tricky part of the wedding planning process. You’ve just got engaged and so starts one of the most exciting times of your life. All your friends and family know, you’ve had your engagement party and now come the questions. One of the most common ones, I’m sure, you’ll be faced with is when and where is the wedding?

You need to figure out which state, the style, how many people, and then finally settle on a venue that you love. To help you out, below is a list of some of Australia’s best wedding venues from each state and some information about each one that might be useful to your planning process.


Lightspace: 30 Light St. Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD 4006

Lightspace is the perfect venue for the urban couple that likes the idea of starting with a fresh space to create their own look. Lightspace is a large converted warehouse that has been refurbished and turned into a boutique function, wedding and exhibition venue. It has lofty designed spaces and an urban, industrial chic vibe.

Within Lightspace there are two main areas, the bar and lounging area and the large venue space. It is able to host up to 500 for a cocktail style wedding or up to 250 people for a sit down dinner. Although lightspace is large and can hold a large capacity of people, the space can be transformed into a more intimate space for smaller events. If you’re looking for a space to make your own, Lightspace might just be the venue for you. Find them at lightspace


photo: lightspace.net.au

Hitched at the boomerang farm: 55 Johns Rd. Mudgeeraba, QLD 4213

Hitched at Boomerang Park is one of those classic country rustic wedding venues that is nestled on the banks of Mudgeeraba Creek. It is a picturesque and unique property, perfect for the couple that is looking for a private wedding amongst nature. Hitched at Boomerang Park is located on the 200-acre Boomerang farm and golf course. You can choose to have your ceremony anywhere on the property, however many choose to have it in the Rainforest Chapel. The Rainforest Chapel is beautifully nestled under the tall gum trees and is opposite the perfectly manicured lawns of the gold course.

Your reception will be held in the historic rustic barn that allows you to transform it into anything you want it to be. It has both indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for any time of year. Hitched at boomerang park has capacity for up to 110 guests for a seated reception, or 180 for a cocktail style. If you’re looking for a private, rustic and unique location to have your wedding that is amongst nature, Hitched at Boomerang Park might just be for you. Find them at Hitched at the Boomerang Farm

hitched at boomerang farm

Photo: Hitched at the boomerang farm.com

New South Wales

Arthouse Hotel: 277 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000

The Arthouse Hotel is a beautiful historic building in the heart of the Sydney CBD. This is one of those perfect wedding venues for the couple that is looking for a unique urban space that really showcases its heritage. There are a number of rooms and spaces that provide slightly different vibes, which can be utilized for both the ceremony and the reception. This makes it the perfect space for the eclectic couple looking for something a little different on their day. The capacity of guests depends on the room type you choose, which ranges from roughly 100-400 people.

If you’re looking for a unique and urban Sydney city location that keeps with its heritage listed origins and showcases its historical nature, the Arthouse Hotel might be for you. Find them at Art House Weddings

Jonah’s: 69 Bynya Rd. Whale Beach, Sydney, NSW 2107

Jonah’s is the perfect venue for couples that want to spend their special day near the beach. This stunning venue is perched high above Whale Beach, with breathtaking views of the ocean and offers a range of first-class services. Jonah’s is perfect for smaller intimate weddings and can hold a maximum capacity of 122 guests. It has a number of wedding packages to choose from to suit your needs.
If you’re looking at intimate wedding venues and are looking for a private location with breathtaking ocean views, Jonah’s might be for you. Find them at Jonahs


Melbourne Town Hall: Corner of Swanston and Collins St., Melbourne VIC 3001

Melbourne town hall is located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. It is a beautiful historical building that airs a level of sophistication and elegance. It is perfect for the romantic couple that is looking for a venue that really showcases its history. There are a number of rooms that you can use, from a large space with a ball room-esque feel to smaller intimate rooms. The maximum capacity depends on the room you choose, which ranges from 50-400 guests.

If you’re looking for wedding venues in the heart of Melbourne CBD that has a touch of romance and elegance, Melbourne town hall might be for you. Find more information at Melbourne Town Hall

melbourne town hall

photo: epicure.com.au

Nathania Springs:
225 Olinda-Monbulk Rd. Monbulk, VIC 3793

Nathania Springs is a private historic property, located just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. It has acres of beautiful picturesque gardens, ponds and rain forest. It is the perfect wedding venue for the couple that wants to spend their day amongst nature and enjoy the privacy of these magical gardens. There is a chapel available for the ceremony, with rustic wooden beams and an old world chandelier.

For those who prefer to get hitched outdoors, there are endless spots that allow for a garden ceremony. For the reception, there is a dining room that caters to between 80-180 guests. If you’re looking for a private, garden wedding, Nathania Springs might be for you. Find them at Nathania Springs

South Australia

Old Oval Estate: 18 Sand Rd, McLaren Vale, SA

Old Oval Estate is a beautiful vineyard located in the heart of the McLaren Vale wine region. It is the perfect location for those who want to get married amongst picturesque hills and rows upon rows of vines. The ceremony can take place in a number of sites within the vineyard, from under the beautiful red river gum trees to the open fields and rolling hills. One of the more stunning wedding venues if you are considering a spring wedding.

For the reception, the Pavilion places you and your guests amongst the beautiful gardens of the estate, with a 180 view of the vineyard. The Old Oval Estate is perfect for the couple that prefers a more intimate wedding, as they can only seat a maximum of 80 guests or 150 for a cocktail reception. Find out more at Old Oval Estate

Adelaide Zoo:
Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

For those couples looking for  unique wedding venues, the Adelaide Zoo might be just for you! Having your ceremony at the Adelaide Zoo immerses you in the sounds and the sights that only come from being amongst nature’s finest creatures.

There are a number of beautiful ceremony locations to choose from that allow you to be amongst the stunning botanical gardens. For those who truly want a unique experience, they also allow ceremonies to take place in one of their under cover enclosures. Imagine having a giant panda photo bomb your wedding kiss! The Adelaide Zoo also provides wedding packages to help make your wedding day stress free.

By having your wedding at the Adelaide Zoo, you are also contributing to the conservation of these animals and helping create a happier and healthier future for them. If you’re looking for something unique for your special day, this might be the venue for you. Find out more about weddings at the Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo Wedding

Photo: zoossa.com.au


Lenna of Hobart: 20 Runnymede St, Hobart TAS 7004

Are you having a smaller wedding and want to make the most of an intimate, romantic environment? At Lenna of Hobart, that is exactly what you will find. Lena of Hobart is a beautiful heritage listed mansion that acts as a perfect time capsule for the 1800’s. It is the perfect venue for the couple that is looking for an intimate ceremony of 50 people or less in a venue that showcases some of Australia’s history.

There are several rooms available to you, as well as a beautiful garden where your ceremony can take place. If you’re having an intimate wedding, Lenna of Hobart might just be for you. Lenna of Hobart

Princes Wharf 1: Castray Esplanade, Hobart TAS 7000

Princes Wharf 1 is a large portside event venue that can hold up to 1300 people. It was built in the 1830’s to serve the rapidly growing fleet of local and international whaling ships. This venue is a large industrial style venue that is perfect for the urban couple.

Although it can fit a large number of guests, there are smaller rooms available for the more intimate weddings. If you’re looking  at rustic, urban, Portside wedding venues, Princes Wharf 1 might just be for you! Find them at: Princess Wharf 1

Northern Territory

Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront: 7 Kitchener Dr, Darwin City NT 0800

Escape the humidity with this picturesque waterfront venue. Vibe Hotel is a beautiful beach style venue with stunning waterfront views. It is the perfect location for the couple that wants to spend their special day close to the beach and soaking up the beautiful ocean breeze. There several rooms to choose from which allow roughly 30-100 guests, depending on the room style you choose. This means it is suitable for both intimate and larger weddings.

Darwin Free Spirit Resort: 901 Stuart Highway, Darwin NT 0829 

Located just 15 minutes from Darwin’s CBD, FreeSpirit resort is the perfect wedding venue for those who want to escape to a tropical haven while never leaving the city. FreeSpirit resort is positioned on nearly 30 acres of beautifully landscaped and manicured tropical gardens.


By choosing this venue, you have access to a number of locations to have your ceremony and reception. From the gazebo gardens, to a large open terrace, there are a number of options to suit your needs. Depending on the space you choose will determine how many guests are allowed. However, each space can hold roughly 100 guests. If you’re looking for a tropical oasis in the middle of the city and to take advantage of Darwin’s beautiful tropical weather, find out more here Darwin Free Spirit Resort 

Western Australia

Clover Cottage:
380 Wheatley Coast Rd, Manjimup WA 6258

Clover cottage is a beautiful rustic venue located in the WA country where you will be surrounded by beautiful Australian Gumtrees and lakes while you say ‘I Do’. It is also the perfect location for those who want to make it a weekend event, since they have lodging available to you and your guests.

Clover Cottage allows you to have your ceremony in a historical brick church, built in the 1880’s, or on an open terrace overlooking the beautiful gardens and lakes. They allow for roughly 60-70 people in their mudbrick barn. Larger events can be held at the marquee, which overlooks the grounds. If you’re looking for private, quiet and rustic wedding venues, find more at Clover Cottage

Lamont’s Bishops House:
90 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth WA 6000

Lamont’s is amongst the most perfect wedding venues for the urban couple that loves food and wine! Located among the high rises of the Perth CBD, Lamont’s is a beautiful brick building that was built in the 1950’s. Lamont’s provides a relaxed informal vibe and a relaxing atmosphere for you to sit back and enjoy.

There are several locations available for you to have your reception. These locations all have a slightly different vibe and hold a different number of guests. These locations roughly hold 30-200 guests. If you’re looking for a relaxed wedding reception located in the heart of the Perth CBD, Lamont’s might be for you. Find them at: Lamont’s Bishops House

Australian Capital Territory

National Gallery of Australia:
GPO Box 1150, Action, ACT 2601
The national gallery of art is the perfect location for the couple that wants to have their special day at Australia’s largest and most famous galleries. Your ceremony will be held in the gardens, surrounded by perfectly manicured and heritage listed sculptures. It is perfect for those who want a quiet and elegant wedding amongst the Casurina forests overlooking the pristine lakes. For larger weddings, your reception can be held at the Gandel Hall, a spacious location with elegant details and finishes, such as gold leaf doors. This space holds up to 280 guests.

For slightly more intimate weddings, or for those who want a garden reception, the Sculpture Garden Restaurant is also available. This allows you to have you reception under a marquee, amongst the beautifully polished gardens, overlooking the lakes. This space holds up to 80 guests. If you’re interested in having your wedding at the National Gallery of Australia, find more information at National Gallery of Australia

Old Parliament House: 18 King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600

Old Parliament House is a restored heritage listed mansion, known for its grandeur and beauty. It is the perfect wedding location for those who want to experience elegance, while being amongst ones of Australia’s historical landmarks.

With its stunning natural light, and beautiful backdrops that are perfect for your photos, there is nothing quite like this unique location. Old Parliament House can host a large number of guests, roughly around 300-500 at a time, making it perfect for those larger celebrations. Say your “I Do’s’ in one of the meeting rooms, that once held some of Australia’s most influential politicians.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant location to host a large number of guests, Old Parliament House might be for you! Find out more at Old Parliment House


Top wedding dresses for 2017

inspiration, planning May 15, 2015


Top wedding dresses for 2017

For 2017, wedding dresses look more romantic and elegant than ever! Off-the-shoulder and backless bridal gowns are sensual and eye-catching, two-piece wedding dresses are perfect for nonconformist brides, while the romantic ones can choose between lovely wedding dresses adorned with big lush flower motifs, sexy lace bodices with voluminous tulle skirts or wedding gowns with collar necklines reminiscent of royal attires from past centuries.

Be true to yourself and choose what type of dress defines you best, but keep an eye on the latest trends fashion designers have conceived for this year’s top wedding dresses!


Backless wedding dresses

As seen at: Zuhair Murad, Carolina Herrera, Teem Acra, Marchesa, Rosa Clara, Christos, Kenneth Pool.

Backless dresses are one of the biggest bridal trends for 2017. Extremely feminine and sensual, they allow you to show some skin without looking tacky. Famous designers from Zuhair Murad and Reem Acra to Marchesa and Carolina Herrera used the “sexy back effect” for their 2017 bridal collections. There is no better option for a summer or beach wedding, but you can wear this sexy type of dress even if you get married during the cold season. The beautiful curvature of your back can still be admired if the low cut back of the dress is covered with lace, fine tulle or adorned with beads, stylish little buttons, glitter stones etc. Backless or faux-backless, this wedding dress exudes sensuality and refinement!


Off-the shoulder wedding dresses

As seen at: Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Jenny Packham, Christos.

This classic and timeless design can instantly turn any bride into a princess, especially if the skirt is ball gown inspired or made from multiple layers of tulle. The big advantage is that off-the-shoulder dresses draw attention to the upper half of the body, therefore hiding “sensible” body areas such as a round belly, thick thighs, the lack of a well-define waistline or bottom. This wedding dress also offers you the possibility to wear statement necklaces or earrings to highlight even more your gracious neck, shoulders and decolletage.


Coloured wedding dresses

As seen at: Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan, Oscar de la Renta, Jenny Packham, Rosa Clara, Jesus Peiro, Mark Zunino.

This year, you can dare to wear something else than white at your wedding! Light shades of nude, pink, brown or blue, but also green mint and bright yellow look fantastic on a summer wedding dress, not to mention the beautiful contrast these colours create on a tanned skin. For autumn and winter, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Naeem Khan encourage you to opt for silver, metallic grey or blue. Not only you will look oh-so-fabulous and fashionable, but this way the “something blue” part of the tradition could be your own dress!


Tulle wedding dresses

As seen at:  Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Christos, Sophia Tolli, David Tutera.

Feminine and fluid, fabulous and dramatic, tulle is the IT fabric for wedding dresses in 2017. Whether simple or multi-layered, white or coloured, decorated with beads, embroidery or crystals, tulle adds a touch of romance and sensuality to any bridal appearance. Not to mention it is super light, fine and easy to wear, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to dance the night away!


20’s glam wedding dresses

As seen at: Jenny Packham, Zac Posen, Maggie Sotero, Naeem Kahn.

Elegant and sophisticated wedding dresses inspired from the glamourous 20’s and 30’s are all over the bridal runway this year. Designers such as Jenny Packham, Zac Posen and Naeem Kahn masterfully combined the simplicity of the cut with the richness of fine quality materials like silk or satin and the radiance of glam details such as precious stones, shiny crystals and delicate lacing. The perfect dress for a retro-themed wedding, especially if on the beach or in the summertime.


Flower motifs wedding dresses

As seen at: Oscar de la Renta, Zuhair Murad, Monique Lhuillier.

Flowers will always be part of the bride’s appearance, but this year fashion designers have moved from small floral details decorating the wedding dress to quite voluminous flowers. Made from tulle or designed on lace, giant flowers come to refresh and enlighten the bridal look. The good part is that you can skip the bouquet or the floral hair accessory, if the flowers on your dress are impressive enough. Talk about the breathtaking supersized roses from Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses!


Two piece wedding dresses

As seen at: Carolina Herrera, Reem Acra, Inbal Dror.

Ball gowns, mermaid and empire style dresses are forever elegant and in fashion when it comes to weddings. But if you’re not the romantic type and a traditional wedding is not your thing, you can always opt for a futuristic wedding gown, with bold cuts and a cutting-edge design. Look for inspiration at Carolina Herrera and Reem Acra 2017 bridal collections – the two piece wedding dress (elegant skirt, cheeky top and more or less of the tummy revealed) is the best bet for a jaw dropping appearance.


Collared wedding dresses


As seen at: Naeem Khan, Carolina Herrera, Gemy Maloof, Mira Zwillinger.

Wedding dresses with collar necklines are not “new in town”, but they always look so stunning one can’t ignore them. If you want to rock the cool and extravagant Marie Antoinette look, the collar neckline is a must. You can choose a delicate lace sheath dress with an illusion high neckline, just like Marchesa designed it, or go for something even more dramatic, like the Naeem Khan long-sleeve organza wedding dress with high V-neckline, embellished with twinkling floral applique details. You will look like royalty!


Getting Married

inspiration, planning, tips April 16, 2015

getting married


Getting Married – Best wedding venues ideas

For most couples, choosing the right venue for their wedding is the first step when starting to organize the big day. Both the bride and groom want to celebrate their union together with family and friends in a special place that can completely represent them and make them feel at ease. Here are some wedding venue ideas to draw inspiration for your dream wedding!

Getting married – traditional wedding venues

Traditionally, weddings were held at the bride’s home and the style and grandeur of the ceremony varied according to the means of the family: wealthy families could afford the expenditure of a grand ball, middle-class families would organize a luncheon, while working-class families would throw afternoon parties with cake and champagne in order to celebrate weddings.

The “wedding at home” tradition still exists and many contemporary couples choose to organize their wedding at the bride’s or the groom’s residence, especially if they have a special connection to a childhood house or access to a grand home with garden and plenty of space to host such an event.

Otherwise, the civil or/ and religious wedding ceremony is followed by a party at a reception hall. Dance halls began to be rented as wedding venues since the beginning of the 20th century, while today typical locations for weddings are hotel ballrooms, banquet halls, community halls, restaurants etc. These classic ceremony venues are a great option for traditional weddings and couples with religious ties and a sizable guest list.

Places to get married – romantic wedding locations

getting married

In a garden.

As long as the weather is “wedding-appropriate”, incurable romantics can choose to celebrate their love in a beautiful outdoor location. Be it a simple garden with a fresh lawn decorated with flowers, garlands and lanterns, a luxurious colourful garden or a charming orchard full of flowers and fruits, outdoor locations are perfect for romantic couples who dream of a fairy tale wedding. No fancy restaurant in the world can compete with nature’s richness and beauty!

On the beach.

Beach weddings are very popular and romantic, not to mention there’s no need for elaborate decorations to beautify the place since the golden sand, glowing sea, blue sky and fresh vegetation will be all around you. Just be careful to choose a place on the beach where you can install some kind of platform, so you can gracefully walk in the sand, barefoot or not. Or you can always choose a hotel situated on the cliff with window walls that deliver a superb view over the sea, sky and the whole beach. This way, you can enjoy getting married even off-season!

At the swimming pool.

This is the urban version of the beach wedding, but it can be just as beautiful and romantic. The still water in the swimming pool can be easily decorated with flowers (water lilies, lotus flowers etc.), floating candles and pomanders, colorful balloons, underwater light shows or above water lights… The possibilities are endless!

In a castle or manor house.

Old historical buildings come with beautiful decorations, gardens and landscapes, so castles, palaces and manors are perfect locations for fairy tale weddings. Usually, castles and manors are located outside the city, in the middle of natural parks or imposing gardens, far away from the urban bustle and noise. The unique architecture, splendid landscape and vintage decorations create the perfect atmosphere and decor for the ultimate romantic wedding.

Where to get married – unexpected wedding venues

Non-conformist couples like to surprise their guests and choose to get married in the most unexpected locations, from museums and art galleries, vineyards, barns and botanical gardens to sports venues. This kind of unique wedding venues usually cost more than the traditional ones, but it’s possible to bargain at these locations to get a better price offer, because weddings are not their primary source of business.

In the woods.

The Eco style when it comes to weddings is to organize your ceremony in the middle of the woods. A natural and relaxed setting, like a forest glade or grove, is perfect for a charming nonconformist wedding. The rich vegetation, natural coloring and fresh air will help you create a memorable event. Just think how beautiful you and everyone else will look dancing under the playful rays of the sun!

At a ski resort.

For couples who love the snow, mountain and winter sports, there is no better place to wed with class and style than a ski slope. Of course, their family and friends must also dig the idea of celebrating the wedding at high altitude, with ski clothing and boots instead of the traditional wedding attire, but the experience will surely be unique! You can organize hikes to a vantage point overlooking the mountain in all its glory, or invite your guests to take a ride in horse-drawn sleighs. There are plenty of outdoor adventures you can plan for you and your guests while celebrating your special day. Not to mention the wedding photos will take advantage of the amazing snowy mountain scenery.

At the theater.

A vintage style wedding or a Hollywood-inspired one will perfectly fit in the magical atmosphere of a theater. The old unique architecture with romantic balconies, heavy velvet curtains and gold leaf furniture offers the perfect setting for a romantic sumptuous wedding. People in the artistic field are usually open-minded, so you could easily reach an agreement, especially if the wedding is off the theatrical season.

In a museum.

There are plenty of museums out there and probably one of them will satisfy yours and your fiancees common passion. Is it music? Painting? Chocolate? Cars? Look for museums and art galleries to find the special venue for your dream wedding. They seem inaccessible and inapproachable, but many of them already use some of their space to organize balls, banquets and different ceremonies. Your wedding could be one of them!

In an Industrial hall.

The perfect place for a hip wedding, industrial halls offer plenty of space for you to organize your dream wedding. Industrial manufacturers are renting these large buildings for a limited period of time in order to conduct various production activities. Therefore, “in between jobs”, industrial halls are available for other rental deals. Since nobody thinks of them as possible wedding venues, you can negotiate a pretty good price. You just need to synchronize the date of your wedding with the factory’s timetable and find some spectacular baroque-style decorations to create an eccentric contrast with the industrial setting. Also, make sure the place is nevertheless functional, with proper toilets, smooth floor and zero risk of injury (no insulated cables, staircases without railing etc.).

The perfect place for getting married is different for each and every couple, depending on your wedding theme, number of guests and budget, but we can all agree that the perfect wedding does not revolve around money and snobbery, but to have the best day of your life and create a memory for life. So have fun and do whatever works for you!


Wedding Invitation Wording

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wedding invitations

Wedding invitation wording – What to write on your wedding Invitation.

The thought of choosing the right wedding invitation wording overwhelms you? There’s no need to panic, think of it as the business card of your wedding. It’s the first thing that announces the big event, (unless you use a “save the date” card), but it also reveals to your guests a little piece of your personality, as well as the theme and atmosphere you are planning to create at your wedding.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the myriad of wedding invitation types available out there these days. First and foremost, you and your husband-to-be must decide whether you want to go for a classic, modern or personalized wedding invitation. Once you have established that, you’re almost there! Just make sure you respect the do’s and dont’s of wedding invitation wording – these apply no matter what type of invitation you choose.

Wedding Invitation Wording – the Basic Rules

Make sure you mention all the dates and infos. The who, when and where details must be clearly specified in the invitation text. Write down the exact address for the venues where the wedding ceremony and/or reception will take place.

Don’t use punctuation, except after courtesy titles such as Mr. and Dr.

Use capital letters for courtesy titles and proper names, but don’t use them at the beginning of every line (capital letters on wedding invitation texts are treated as the beginning of sentences).

Include the day of the week and spell the numbers in dates (e.g.: Saturday, the first of August).

Spell the hours and mention the time of the day (e.g.: “six o’clock in the evening”, not 6:00 p.m., “two o’clock in the afternoon”, not 2:00 p.m., “half past two”, not 2:30 p.m.).

Spell contractions and abbreviations (e.g.: use “do not” instead of “don’t”, “street” instead of “st”).

Let your guests know if there will be a specific dress code at your wedding (black tie, semi-formal, cocktail attire, beach party attire, casual, red attire, country chic etc). You can write the attire line on the bottom of the wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Wording – the Classic Way



Simple, elegant and timeless, the classic wedding card slipped in a simple envelope works great if you are the romantic type and you want your wedding to be traditional. Here’s how the text should look like on a classic wedding invitation:

Mr. and Mrs……… (proper name of the hosts)
request the honour of your presence (if there will be worship services or the wedding will take place in a church) or request the honour of your company (if the service will not be a worship service)
at the marriage of their daughter ……. (bride’s first name only)
to ………. (groom’s full name)
Saturday, the first of August (day of wedding)
at two o’clock in the afternoon
(time of wedding)
at………  (name of the location)

Traditionally, wedding invitation wording is written in third-person and begin with the proper names of the people hosting the event. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Jones (if one set of parents is hosting)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore 
(if both sets of parents are jointly hosting)
Ms. Anne Marie Johnson

Mr. Phillip Moore (if
the couple is hosting)
Ms. Anne Marie Johnson

Mr. Phillip Moore
together with their parents

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore (if
everyone is hosting)

As for the rest of the text, some of the most common lines for traditional wedding invitation wording is:

…. request the pleasure of your company/ presence…

would like you to help celebrate the marriage of…

… would consider it a blessing if you could be present at the marriage of…

  …invite you to celebrate with them at the marriage of…


Wedding Invitation wording – the modern way

These are slightly unexpected, yet not too rampant or theatrical wedding invitations, with semi-formal texts, but non-classical format and materials, such as embossed paper, box wrapped in silk instead of traditional envelopes, lace, ribbons,  pearls, brooches or other small jewerelly used as stylish details to make the invitation stand out etc. If you want a modern wedding that follows the latest trends in fashion and interior design, your wedding card should also be “in fashion”.

As opposed to classic wedding invitations, the modern ones are not so formal and you can personalize them by using the “we” pronoun instead of third person. You can write your full name or just your first names, you can mention your parents’ names or not. The text can also be more relaxed and playful than the traditional wedding invitation wording. Try something unpretentious, but funny and catchy, such as:

We, …….. (bride’s name) and ……… (groom’s name), met each other, liked each other and now we are getting married! As joy can only be complete when shared with the loved ones, we would like to have you by our side on the day of our wedding!

We wanted it, you awaited it. We hesitated, but still… we, ……..  and ………, are getting married! Therefore we invite you to celebrate with us the beginning of our life together on…. (date, time and location).

The rumour you have heard lately is true: ……. and ……… will say “I do” from the bottom of their hearts on…. (date, time, location).

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy… In order to find out the rest of the story, we invite you to celebrate the wedding of ……. and ……… The ceremony will take place at …. (location, date and time).

Cancel all your plans for Saturday, the first of August 2015, because……… and ..…… are getting married and you are invited to celebrate with them! Come sing, dance, eat and drink at …….. (wedding location and time).

No matter what words and tone you are using for your wedding card, make sure you mention all the “technical data” of the event: date, time, location, whether there will be a religious ceremony, a wedding reception or both, whether there is a dress code or not.

Personalized wedding invitation wording and format:

personalized wedding invitations

If you are not into tradition, nor trends, you can forget about envelopes, fancy calligraphy on embossed paper and formal wedding texts. Let your creativity and imagination go wild and create a wedding invitation that 100% represents your couple.

What passion do you have on common? You both love art? Then create a beautiful wedding invitation using a classic movie poster or a paint palette. Are you into technology and gadgets? There are laptop-shaped wedding cards you can use. If you are rock music fans, go for concert tickets or guitar-shaped wedding invitations. Or you can always use caricatures of yourselves or amusing pics with you and your husband-to-be in order to create funny personalized wedding invitations.

Your wedding theme can also help you find inspiration to announce the big event in your own personal way. For example, if you are getting married on the beach, you can choose message in a bottle wedding invitations. If you have a travel themed wedding, you can use fridge magnets with the cities and places you love. A Spanish inspired wedding can be announced with a creative fan-shaped wedding invitation.

As for the text on your personalized wedding card, just keep it simple and to the point. The unusual format and shape of the invitation is enough to draw the attention, there is no need for over-the-top funny and tricky texts. Use simple and unpretentious words in short clear phrases and use a low-keyed tone that combines humour with courtesy and kindness.  The perfect wedding card is the one that makes you feel special for getting married, but it must also show respect and consideration for the people you want to have by your side when celebrating the big event.

Wedding Ceremony ideas

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wedding ceremony ideas

Wedding Ceremony ideas

All brides-to-be are excited to make their dream wedding come true and start their happy life with the man they love. But one can get nervous when it comes to decide what bridal traditions and customs to choose for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding is a civil or religious ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage between two people. Fortunately, these days weddings are not as strict and traditional as they used to be. Every couple can personalize their ceremony as they like, they can choose which tradition to follow and decide their wedding’s details. As long as they are united in marriage by an authority figure, it does not matter if the bride is not wearing a wedding veil, the groom does not have a best man or the couple chooses to wed without having a wedding reception afterwards.

Of course, wedding traditions and customs vary from one culture, religion and country to another, but most wedding ceremonies include special garments, music, prayers or readings from religious texts, exchange of wedding vows and rings and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. Either civil or religious, the ceremony is usually followed by a wedding reception or party.


wedding ceremonies

Having a civil wedding ceremony does not mean you are bound to accept a short and dull service. You can personalise your ceremony and add special touches to make it intimate and memorable. A religious service, on the other hand, has to follow a prescribed formula set out by your religion. Whether Christian, Catholic or Buddhist, religion will eventually dictate a big part of your wedding order of service. But as long as you respect the church’s practices and you talk to the officiant about the personal details you want to include in the wedding service, you can still personalise your ceremony.

Here are some cute and simple wedding ceremony ideas:


Gift your guests with flower favors

A nice romantic gesture would be to provide flower favors for the guests attending the ceremony: boutonnieres for men and flower hair clips for women. Arrange them on trays at the beginning of the wedding aisle. This way, you will all feel like being part of something special and great.

Have a short pre-ceremony cocktail party

If it’s possible to use the location an hour before the official beginning of the ceremony, organise a short cocktail party to start celebrating as soon as the first guests arrive. Some festive cocktails and simple treats like mini-sandwiches and rolls will give everyone the chance to relax, mingle and chat.

Glam up the bridesmaids’ outfits

Instead of common flower bouquets, give your bridesmaids some stylish accessory that can serve as bridesmaids’ gift as well: a chic clutch, a vintage brooch, coloured silk fans, elegant strings of pearls etc.

Choose the music that defines you

If you have a civil service or if your religion allows you to choose the music to be played in the church, make sure to accompany your walk down the aisle with a meaningful song. Ask the organist to play your couple’s song or a famous love song that can stand as a love declaration for your spouse, like “At Last” by Etta James or “Can’t take my eyes off you”, by Frankie Valli.

Use a nonconformist wedding ring “pillow”

Instead of the classic pillow where the wedding rings should lay, use a small treasure chest with a key one of you will unlock and reveal the wedding rings. Or take a vintage book, cut its cover and some of the pages in the shape of a heart and place the wedding rings inside.

wedding ceremony ideas

End the ceremony with a toast

As soon as you are officially declared “husband and wife”, have the ushers pass around your favourite drink and make your first toast as a happy couple. This way, you will end the ceremony on a celebratory note and the guests will arrive to the wedding reception in good spirits.

Parade your way to the reception

After the ceremony, invite your guests to form a parade and follow you and your husband to the reception. This is appropriate if the location for your reception is not too far away from where the ceremony took place. And, of course, you also need some musicians to accompany the merry procession.


Order of wedding ceremony

The precise order of the wedding ceremony may vary from one culture to another, but usually both civil and religious services follow the same general outline:

Civil wedding ceremony

The civil ceremony is a non-religious legal marriage ceremony performed by a government official or functionary. Usually, the civil ceremony is held at the Registry Office, but as long as the functionary is willing to officiate the ceremony elsewhere, the bride and groom can wed in a less formal location. Also, they can personalise the ceremony with optional rituals beyond the basic requirements. For example, they can read a love poem in the beginning of the service or have a toast with the guests before the ceremony concludes.

Religious wedding ceremony

At a religious wedding ceremony, the bride and groom must accept the church’s wedding practices, but they can still customise some aspects of the ceremony. Here is a typical order of religious service:

Procession: This is the part where guests arrive and take their places for the ceremony. The organist plays prelude music and there can be some ushers standing outside the church to greet and direct the guests to their appropriate seats. Usually, the bride’s family and friends are seated to the left of the church, while the groom’s family and friends, to the right. When all the guests are seated, the groom and best man (if any) take their place to the chancel steps to watch the bride entering the church and walking down the aisle, with her right arm resting on her father’s arm. When the bride reaches the chancel steps, her father withdraws, leaving the bride and groom stand alone in front of the priest.

Opening remarks: The priest begins the service with the famous line: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” and then says a few words on the importance of marriage and asks if anyone present knows of any reason why the couple should not be married.

Exchange of vows: Some couples write their own wedding vows, some just repeat in turn after the priest the familiar “to have and to hold, for better or for worse…” vows and answer “I do”.

Exchange of rings: Both rings are blessed by the priest, then the bride and groom exchange the rings repeating the words: “With this ring, I thee wed. With my body I thee honour and all my worldly goods with thee I share. In the name of the father, the son and of the Holy Ghost”.

Pronouncement of marriage: This moment is marked by the words: “I now pronounce you husband and wife”, after which the priest speaks a few closing words, gives his blessing to the couple and let them kiss.

Recessional: This is the reverse of the processional. The bride and groom exit the church as husband and wife, followed by their families, friends and guests, while the organist plays recessional music. Usually, the religious wedding ceremony is followed by a wedding reception where guests eat, drink, dance and celebrate the marriage of the happy couple.


Wedding Veils: Are they for you?

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wedding veil for church wedding


Wedding Veils: To wear or not to wear?

You are preparing to become a bride and you haven’t decided yet whether to wear a wedding veil or not? This can be quite a dilemma nowadays, since wedding veils are optional. Sure, it’s intense and solemn to wear a veil over your face while walking down the aisle, but nobody can force you to wear it if you don’t feel like it. On the other hand, wedding veils are so elegant and sophisticated and they create such an ethereal, almost angelical look! It would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the “wedding veil sensation” so many queens and princesses experienced before you.

Here are some interesting things to know about this classic gorgeous bridal accessory that can help you make up your mind and decide what wedding veil style to wear on your special day!

wedding veils


The origin and meanings of wedding veils

Once a bridal garment with supernatural powers, the wedding veil is nowadays considered simply a beautiful form of adornment. It is said to have originated from ancient Rome, when brides wore an intensely flame-colored veil they believed could protect them from evil spirits. Then, in medieval times, wedding veils were used to protect the wearer from “the evil eye” and were also a symbol of the bride’s chastity, purity and modesty.

Some say wedding veils appeared due to the circumstances of arranged marriages that were so popular in days past. Back then, men bargained with the lady’s father for her hand in marriage. The veil on the bride’s face was lifted only after the ceremony, so that the groom could not back out of the deal if he didn’t like how his bride looks like.

Over time, the wedding veil lost its supernatural powers and insidious role and became a symbol of the bride’s modesty and virtue. Today, the groom’s gesture of lifting the veil from his soon to be Brides face means he is opening her eyes and showing her to other people for the first time, and also that he is symbolically consuming the marriage.

To veil or not to veil?

It’s entirely up to you, the bride-to-be! If you don’t like wedding veils or you are not into bridal traditions, don’t wear the veil. But if you want to be a classic elegant bride, you should wear this hair accessory as the final crowning touch of your bridal appearance. It’s a no-lose situation, but you should definitely opt for a wedding veil of you…

… want to continue a beautiful tradition. Traditionally, brides wear white princess wedding gowns, a bridal veil and a bridal bouquet. This is the complete package if you want to look like a fairy-tale bride.

… are a romantic at heart and you have been imagining your wedding day ever since you were a little girl. The mere thought of that special moment when the man you love will lift the veil from your face sends shivers down your spy.

… are having a formal wedding in a large church. In this case, a cathedral style veil will be the ultimate show stopper!

In the other hand, you can skip the wedding veil if you…

… are having an unusual, unconventional wedding. The location is atypical, the wedding decorations are futuristic and your dress is anything but the classic white princess-style wedding gown.

… are getting married on a hot, humid day. To be wrapped around in full layers that could stick to your skin it’s not a pleasant feeling, especially for a bride-to-be.

… are getting married on a seashore, mountain top or any other location where there will be strong breezes that can ruin your bridal look by messing up with your wedding veil.

However, if you decide not the wear a veil on your wedding day, make sure your bridal appearance is as exquisite as it can be. You can glam up your hairstyle with a statement accessory, like a precious tiara, a shiny oversized barrette or a beautiful colored flower behind your ear.

Wedding veil styles

There are several types of wedding veils you can choose from and it’s best to try most of them in order to see which one flatters best your face, body shape and wedding gown style. You must choose the wedding veil when you already have the dress, not before. The veil comes as a final touch of elegance and style to the wedding dress. Here are the most popular wedding veil styles you must consider when going on your “bridal veil shopping experience”:

Blusher. This is the bit of the veil that stands in front of your face when you walk down the aisle and the veil your father or future husband lifts when the ceremony begins. It can be shorter or longer, but either way it adds a touch of mystery and sex-appeal to your bridal look.

Mantilla. Romantic and delicate, this Spanish wedding veil stands out thanks to its elegant simplicity and embroidered margins. It’s a circular piece of veil, usually made of lace or tulle with heavy lace edgings, that frames the face and is held in place with a comb.

Birdcage veil. This is a short wedding veil that covers only the face or the eyes and it’s a great choice if you want a retro-sophisticated bridal look. You can wear the birdcage veil by itself, or mix and match it with a stylish hat.

Pouf veil. This wedding veil consists of a “pooffy” tulle that gathers to a hairpiece, creating height. It’s a bold and beautiful head accessory you can use to add some of the 60’s glam to your bridal look.

Juliet cap. Named after the heroine of the renowned Shakespearean play, the Juliet cap is sweet and delicate, a small open-work crocheted or mesh cap, often decorated with pearls, beads or other jewellery. If you are looking for a bohemian vintage look, the Juliet cap is the perfect bridal accessory.

Drop veil. This veil consists in one layer of tulle that gently sits on the head and is normally made without a comb (although sometimes there can be some hair pins that secure the veil). It can be cut to any length, but normally it’s at least elbow length. Remember how gorgeous Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton looked on their wedding day? They were both wearing drop veils!

Wedding veil styles according to length

Length is another important feature you need to consider when looking for the perfect wedding veil. Short veils are more casual, informal, while long veils are appropriate for formal weddings and can go up to about 177 inches long!

Short veils do not extend past the chin and are the perfect choice for sophisticated or eclectic wedding gowns, especially if they have a high neck detail.

Shoulder length veils end exactly below the shoulders, where the armpits begin. They look great with wedding dresses that emphasize on the bust, waist or back, as long as the dress style is not too formal.

Elbow length veils end where the fullness of the skirt begins, so they can work well with ball gown style dresses or strapless wedding dresses. They are informal veils, but very elegant and easy to handle.

Waist length veils are just a few more inches longer than the elbow length veils and are the perfect option for short brides with any trainless wedding gown.

Fingertip length veils are flattering for all body shapes and dresses, so it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular lengths. “Fingertip length” means that when you stretch your arm out, the veil reaches around your fingertips. It’s a safe bet, but elegant and classic.

Knee length veils are suitable for less formal weddings and mid calf length bridal dresses. They look great with all types of gowns and body shapes.

Ballet-length veils are also known as waltz-length veils, as they allow you to dance without any effort. They fall anywhere between the knee and ankle and are best suited for elegant full-length wedding gowns with no train.

Chapel length veils are usually around 107 inches long (2.7 m). They go all the way down to the ground, where they may drape a little, but don’t have a train. Therefore, chapel length veils look great when paired with formal wedding dresses that feature a train. They are romantic and elegant and can make you look like a princess!

Cathedral length veils and royal length veils are the longest veils you can find, therefore the most formal. The first one is usually around 137 inches long (3.5 m), while the second extends to as much as 177 inches (4.5 m). They both look great with classic full length wedding gowns and make a dramatic superb impression. You will look like royalty and your wedding pictures will be spectacular!

Plus size wedding dress shopping, what best

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Plus sized wedding dress shopping, whats best for you?

Hopefully by the time we are getting married we know enough about our body type to know what looks good on us and what doesn’t.  Looking for a plus size wedding dress doesn’t have to be a daunting task. As long as you stick to the rules you’ve taught yourself about what styles make you look and feel beautiful and what is flattering you will be just fine. There’s lots of advice out there about what fabrics to use, what cuts to wear, but honesty, who knows you better than yourself, what if you feel just gorgeous in soft flowing fabric, even though that’s supposed to be an absolute no, no.. if it makes you feel gorgeous, go for it. You are supposed to wear tailored cuts so you don’t add pounds (or kilos). Who cares, are you comfortable in tailored styles, if not….DONT DO IT! You’ve got to live with the memories and the feeling of your wedding day for the rest of your life. So make sure you wear what you love. plus-size-wedding dress However: If you are looking for structure in a dress, ruching is a great idea. It is flattering and will give you the look you are wanting. It is suggested that A-line styles are flattering, but check it out for yourself, you’ll know what works. Plus size wedding dress shopping can be a little daunting if you go to small boutiques,  salon sample sizes aren’t always full-figure friendly. If you want to go to a boutique and feel a little concerned, why not call ahead to make sure they aren’t going to stand you in a sea of size 6 dresses.  You want to know they have some sizes that will work for you, even if the styles don’t fit you perfectly you will start to get an idea of what works.  Make sure you buy a dress which fits your largest “asset” so if your bust is size 12 but your hips size 18, buy the size 18 and alter it to accommodate the rest of your body.

Preparing to visit bridal boutiques.

Wear underwear that makes you feel good and is similar to what you plan to wear on your big day. Bring your wedding shoes so you can try on your dress and check the length and if you have one, bring a strapless bra. I know I can hear you saying, I wouldn’t wear a strapless dress, but you might just surprise yourself, with the right fitting it is one of the most flattering and sexy designs in plus size wedding dresses. You can also shop online for your wedding gown, you can find some great bargains at sites that offer pre-loved dresses. These dresses have only been worn once, for a few hours and are professionally cleaned. Check it out, you’ll be amazed what’s available for a fraction of the price.

If you’ve checked out what styles you want, you can easily find a dress local to you, that some newly married gal is selling. You will be able to try it on. She is going to want her dress to go to someone who will love it as much as she did and she will probably share some wonderful stories about how fantastic she felt in her dress. You can probably even peak at wedding photos to see how it held up in the photo shoot! Your perfect plus sized wedding gown is available, so don’t ever settle for anything other than your dream dress..

I know for me, and I suspect for most brides to be, wedding dress  shopping brought up a whole host of body issues and insecurities. Please don’t fall for the trap that so many of us are guilty of, buying a size smaller in the hope you will lose weight before the big day. Hey if you do lose a few kilos, get the dress altered, but don’t set yourself up with so much pressure. It’s meant to be fun, remember!

Sexy Wedding Dresses are the fashion now

inspiration, planning August 15, 2014

It’s your day, you want to feel amazing. But is it OK to look sexy?

We hear from Brides all the time who say, they want to look and feel wonderful on their day, but they also want to feel and look sexy. They ask if this is OK. Our response….Absolutely. You can feel however you want on your wedding day. When it comes to dresses, sexy wedding dresses aren’t tacky. They can be incredibly elegant and still give the impression of sexy and even sultry. Hey if you’ve got it flaunt it! Let’s be honest if Angelina ever marries Brad, do you really think she’s not going to look as sexy as she can!   sexy wedding dresses Your groom is probably loving the fact that you look hot! He’s proud to be your partner and he is the one you really want to impress isn’t he. There are some great ways to look sexy on your special day. Backless dresses are in vogue this year, even the right princess design is incredibly sexy if worn right! Keep in mind, to look your best on your day, it’s not all about the dress. Having a healthy glow and clear eyes on the day will make a big difference to how you feel. Try to eat really well for the weeks leading up to your special day. I know it’s a busy and sometimes stressful time, but a proper diet will give you the look you want on the day and remember to hydrate, drinking enough water will give you a glow and healthy is sexy these days. Even if your not keen on the gym, try and get exercise in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. You will add to that healthy glow which is such a sexy look. Don’t go on a crazy diet, just lots of fresh veggies, (maybe a few green smoothies) water and plenty of rest and you will look fantastic. You may even want to consider taking a multi vitamin for a few weeks if its not already part of your routine. Extra vitamin C and A will give your skin a beautiful smooth look and help clear up any sneaky blemishes. If you know there are foods that make you break out, avoid them. Its not the end of the world and remember the goal.

Makeup for your wedding day

How you apply your makeup can make you look incredibly sexy as well. Particularly your eyes. Make sure you have a practice run before the day. You want to know the look you are going for is possible and you want to make sure, (whether it’s you doing it or your makeup artist), that you get it right. The day of your wedding is not the day to practice your look. Keep your look fresh and less is better. Don’t overdo it. And if you are prone to the odd tear (most brides are) remember the waterproof mascara. A spritzer with cool water is a great idea for your attendants to carry, especially if it’s a warm day. You can freshen your look without everything looking droopy!! #Tip. If your nerves get the better of you and you don’t sleep well the night before your wedding, and you wake up looking less than fresh. There’s hope….put two teaspoons in the freezer, when they’re chilled, take 10 minutes for yourself, go and lay down, place the teaspoons over your eyes and any puffiness will disappear. All over appearance can make you feel confident on your wedding day and confidence is sexy too! Have a spare pair of nylons in your ‘quick fix” bag, a pair of flatter shoes is you plan on dancing the night away. Maybe some deodorant and the nail varnish you are wearing on the day, just in case. Being prepared means you can relax. If you relax you will have fun, if you have fun, you will feel great, if you feel great, you will look sexy!!

Hair styles that make you look sexy on your wedding day.

Once again, make sure you’ve practiced before your wedding day and know exactly what look you are going for. Don’t do something radically different that will make you feel uncomfortable. You still want to look like you after all. One of the biggest mistakes Brides make is looking too old. Have a style that suits your age. Also make sure it’s a style that will last the day. Looking bedraggled at your reception is not the look you’re going for. Photographers take some great shots at the reception and you still want to look wonderful. If you know your straight hair won’t last with curls, find an elegant or sexy straight style that will look great several hours later.

Your sexy wedding dress checklist

Is your dress fitting properly? Do you have the right undergarments? Are the alterations done properly? Have you worn your shoes in? (no bride wants to hobble down the aisle on her wedding day). If you can tick yes to all of the above, you are ready, looking sexy and feeling fantastic Sexy wedding dresses are designed to make you feel wonderful, but make sure you look at the whole picture. Fresh, healthy, suitable makeup, perfect fitting dress,

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